Leaves are Nature’s Invitation to Play!

Take Advantage of Nature’s Seasonal Fun with these Leafy Ideas!

Cat and Mouse Path Game

Rake leaves to one side forming a path with no leaves. Children can help create the path or give directions on where to make connections. Put away the rake and choose one person to be the cat for chasing the mouse/mice along the path. No straying off the path! After a few times re-evaluate the path and make adjustments.

Transfer and dumping station

Use trucks, buckets and scoops to move the leaves from all over the yard to one spot. Children have a natural desire to fill and spill! The more differing size containers to fill the better!

Create an outdoor leaf kitchen

Add a small table, cooking utensils, pots and pans and allow children to pretend to be a chef!

Autumn leaves are falling down!

Take an old pillow case outside to place leaves onto. Have two or more hold onto the pillow case corners and toss the leaves into the air!

What is your family’s favorite way to play in the leaves?

By Krista McElroy

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