About us

Our History

From the very beginning, West Side Preschool was seen as an outreach into the community, demonstrating God’s love for children and family. School began in the fall of 1964, after approval by Session, with its creators Isabelle Goddard and Margaret Sobol.

Margaret had known and worked with Maria Montessori in India during World War II. Maria had left Italy because of the war and Margaret was living there at that time. Margaret did not follow the Montesorri teaching methods entirely when she started the school but included many of its influences, including pink furniture.

The original goal of the preschool was to provide a quality, affordable, and loving preschool experience for families. We continue this tradition by providing parent education through example, as parents and caregivers participate in the classroom on a regular basis. We provide moral support and care for parents with small and large concerns. We provide scholarship support to people in need. Most importantly, we show Christian love to both parents and children in a safe setting.

“Let the children come to me and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

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