What are benefits of a Co-Op?

1. Parents have the opportunity to see their child in the classroom setting.

You and your child will be learning from the teacher, the curriculum, and the experience, all while making friends! We appreciate the variety of helpers our families provide- Moms, Dads and Grandparents.   Your child’s experienced is enriched by the diversity of our family participants.

2. Our classes have a higher adult to child ratio than most early childhood programs. 

Each class session will have our lead teacher, aide and helping family members.  This makes it possible for us to offer your child a wide variety of activities and experiences with adult guidance.  One of the most important pre-reading activities for a child is conversation. When adults converse with children, their vocabulary, verbal skills and understanding of ideas and concepts increase.

3. Our high adult to child ratio also allows for more frequent and positive social interactions and growth.

Children receive the attention they desire and the freedom to play quietly and independently. We allow space in our daily schedules for free choice with play, art projects, and toys. It is a joy to watch your child progress through the year and learn to interact with their peers and trusted adults.

Let us show you why we love being a co-operative preschool!

To visit a classroom please call 509-946-4656 ext. 2

All parents welcome!

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