Dark Adventure

Don’t let winter darkness keep your children from getting outside! Summer is easy-with long days of light and sunshine we are drawn to being outdoors. In the winter months, when it starts turning dark at 4:30 p.m., we need to be intentional with our outdoor plan. Fresh air and movement are even more important in the winter when we tend to hunker down and stay cozy in our warm houses. Consider darkness adventures to encourage you to get out with your family and get moving!

A darkness adventure can be as simple as bundling up and heading out in your backyard after dinner and experiencing your yard in a different way. Don flashlights or headlamps or go without! It is fascinating how quickly our eyes adjust to darkness and we can see and hear in a different way. Find the moon and count the stars and experience that cold night air on your nose. Simple things become more fun in the dark!

Check out this link highlighting the importance of getting outdoors!


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